Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bees (B's) are our friends!

Wow! two posts in one hour! I once wrote that I would write a post that explained why I like to say that B's are our friends, so here it is!

I worked with a young man who was terrified of bees. He was a big young man, and when he saw a bee (or even a fly), he would panic. He would run as fast as he could to the opposite end of the class, courtyard, whatever, to get a way from bee. No, you wouldn't want to be in his path. He could be very hard to console.

One day I was talking to him and I was telling him that bees are our friends. They love to smell the pretty flowers, and sometimes, they get a little confused and think WE are flowers. I told him that (and this is true by the way) if you stay very calm when a bee is present, and remember that bees are our friends, they might want to "sniff" us if they think we are a flower, but they will leave soon, and won't hurt us. If we swat at them and jump and run around, they will get scared and sting us because they don't want to get hurt.

So we were waiting for a bus one day, and a bee came buzzing by. He started to panic, but then stopped. He started panting and chanting "bees are our friends, bees are our friends" and the bee flew away. Every time he sees a bee now, he stops and begins to chant. He still is in a state of panic, but he wont be running in a panic which could really get him hurt.

Oh, I know what you're saying. That is the biggest load of... I have heard it all before. But I don't get stung by bees or wasps, because when they come around me, there are no fear pheromones floating around me to get them all alarmed. They might think I look like a pretty flower (hey! that's not such a stretch, ok?) and fly away, but they come happy and leave happy.

And that is why I say bees (Bs) are our friends.


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