Saturday, April 21, 2007

It rained on my parade (aka climbing trip)

Stupid rain! The one thing I looked so forward to ALL SEMESTER got cancelled. Did I take that as a sign to do my term paper? NO! I took it as a sign to go to a movie. Disturbia. Oh, my, gosh, was I on the edge of my seat for that one. It was pretty good. A teenage psychological thriller. It actually was extremely good for being a teen flick.

Am I doing my term paper now? NO! I am playing on the computer, taking care of a lighter fare of matters in my life.

I had PBS on tv for a while. Long enought to learn that I really don't like opera at all. Did it prompt me to do my term paper? NO!

Am I going to sign off now and work on my term paper? NO! I'm going to write an e-mail, then go to the store and get some stuff so I can eat some decent food for a change.

Then am I going to get that term paper done? I guess.

Bye now.


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