Friday, April 20, 2007

It snowed on my willows.

It is one of those springs. The wonderful summer type weather is reluctant to arrive in my life. I feel as though I am stuck in molasses. Trying to move forward, struggling against the sticky mess of what I call my life.

I wish I could say that I regret taking that stupid Sexual Abuse of People class, but I am really learning a lot about myself, and people in general. It's been terribly difficult, however. And can anyone explain to me why such horrible things have happened that are so relevant to this class? The murder of a beautiful woman here in Twin, a young man on a killing spree through Arizona and Idaho, a guilty verdict of two young men who stabbed a young girl to death in Poky, and now so many young people dead in Virginia, and a whole country scratching it's head because it is unable to understand how something like this could happen. The writing is on the wall, but people would rather mourn their dead than finance the cure. Is it ok to say that I am really scared right now?

I really don't want to have a downer post. I am supposed to keep positive thoughts about where I am going, and who I will be. (Jamaica, Egypt, Ireland, Venice, Africa, Caribbean islands, etc.) And me? I haven't decided yet, but it better be good, because I need to finance some exciting and fulfilling vacations.

Tomorrow, I get to go rock climbing at castles. I am hoping for kind weather, because the trip should be a lot of fun. I would really like to find some new climbing partners so that I can actually climb a lot this summer. It could happen! And it will!

I just have one term paper left to write. I'm kicking myself because, for some reason, I didn't see the part of the syllabus that explicitly directs me to which database I can use, and the purpose of the paper. I know I looked for it, but I didn't see it -- until today. So I got to start over on the research. It's ok, I should be able to do it well in short order. He doesn't want anything too extensive (actually the assignment is easier than I was making it) and he is hoping for papers that are a reasonable length (he's tired of term papers too!). I got 100% on the last two tests! I think it's because I'm getting more sleep. I was actually quite shocked about the first one. I really didn't think I had done that well on it. The second one was open book, so duh. (yeah, duh, unless it's an intro to stats test! I could have the ANSWER KEY and still only get a b on one of her tests.)

I'll be glad to be done of these classes so I can start new ones.

It's all good, really. All things considered, I am doing very well.

Just research weary. I'll get over it. I'm a little overwhelmed this week, that's all.


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