Monday, July 09, 2007

Seen any good movies lately?

My summers are typically peppered with as many movies as I can fit in. Because of school, I am a bit behind. I have not seen as many as I would have liked, but maybe I'll get a few in before it's over. This weekend, the kids and I saw 1408. Of course, I didn't let summer school get in the way of Pirates! Some of the movies that are playing I don't want to see. Transformers, Evan Almighty, and Hostel Part III are just a few. But there are a few I would like to see.

1408 is one freaky scary movie! If you want to get the bajeebers scared out of you, this movie will do it for you!

Pirates of the Caribbean At world's End was so much fun! I don't get what all the critics objected to. It was just as funny and exciting as the first two.

I thought Evening looked good. My neighbor didn't think so, but it looks like one of those heart touching movies.

Knocked Up is one move I would like to see, but it's playing at the Orpheum. It is a beautiful theater. It is actually a landmark since it was built very early in Twin Falls History, and was done up all gaudy like a good stage is supposed to be. But the seats suck. It is nearly impossible to sit in them long enough to watch a movie, and the movie becomes less enjoyable because of the seats right about at the second trailer. Maybe I'll wait 'till it comes out on video.

Mr. Brooks looks interesting, and it's still playing. So maybe I'll get to see it before it comes out on video.

Joshua is one movie I'd really like to see, but I live in Idaho. What that means is I will most likely have to wait until it comes out on video. We have three decent sized theaters here, but they are all owned by the same greedy guy who only brings in movies that he knows will make him even richer and fatter. (I don't like the dude, ok?)
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What about you? Have you seen any good movies lately? And do you think I'm getting too carried away with this embedded video thing?


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