Monday, July 09, 2007

1000 Hits!

I just got 1000 hits! Not since the beginning of the blog, because I didn't download statcounter until February 5, 2007. 1000 hits in 156 days. Not bad.

Most come from a couple of friends that keep up with what I'm up to. Some come from their web pages. Some get here through blogger chance. But many come from google searches.

One of the most frequented pages is Have you seen this alien? It usually gets found when someone googles "have you seen aliens" or something very similar. My favorite search string was "have you seen my boo bees". No, I haven't, and no, I probably don't want to.

The second most frequented page is happy one month anniversary sweety. Lot's of people must be looking for special things to do on their first month anniversary. I don't like being reminded of it. I guess I should have thought of that then, but then, I thought I might see a happy one year anniversary. Didn't happen.

Tons of people looked for information about a murder this spring. I still get hits occasionally on it, but not like I got at first.

I get several hits from people asking for help of some sort from the universe. "Dear Universe, I need help" "Dear Universe, you can have control" "Dear teachers, be kind and fair" etc. etc. etc.

People find images, and quizzes that I post. Sometimes they find information about autism, or social dysfunction.

But the 1000th hit came from:

1000th hit


  1. Congradulations on your 1000th hit. I replied a couple of weeks ago by a different name. Its to close to my real name so I going by Werner now, and I have a new blog site. I like your dear Universe statement, Its true, you can't control everything in life.

  2. Thanks, I know 1000 is not a lot, but it's kind of cool.

    My dear universe statement is kind of a prayer. I have to work hard and unconditional acceptance, and knowing which paths I should take when they present themselves, but I try.