Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Caught in the Speed Trap

I got stopped for speeding this morning. I was speeding. I was supposed to be driving 55, but I was going 65, and there was a state police officer in wait. A soon as I saw him, I knew I'd been had.

It was really stupid too. I set the cruise control on 79 (I know it should be 75, but they usually don't waste their time on anything under 6 miles over), and I keep it there for the whole drive. After the Chubbuck exit it changes to 65, so I cruise that speed until I get to the SLC exit. The freeway is under construction past the Clark street exit, but the speed limit changes to 55 right at the exit, and I knew that. It had been such an easy drive this morning, and I really wasn't trying to speed. I wasn't late. As a matter of fact, I was earlier than I thought I would be. There wasn't much traffic and I wasn't paying attention to how fast I was going.

So I got pulled over. It took me forever to find my registration in my car pouch. I have so many maintenance receipts. I finally found it in the most obvious place, the insurance pouch. I gave it to the officer, he went back to his car, and I waited for him to write the ticket. In no time at all he was back. Wanted to know how many days I drive all the way to ISU from Twin, I told him the two days, and he handed my license and registration back to me. He said that the speed limit was 55 and that I should be more aware of my speed. No ticket! NO TICKET! I looked him in the eye and thanked him. I was ready to get my punisher, but no! It was a negative reinforcer that I intend to pay great attention to.

How silly is it to follow the rules for 130 miles, then the last two blow it for nothing? I will definitely be paying more attention from now on!

He was kind of cute. He thought the smell of styrofoam was strong in my car. I had some styrofoam shapes that I took to drawing class. I couldn't even smell it. I still can't believe he didn't give me a ticket. that was so nice.

P.S. My art teacher doesn't hate my work so much after all. my midterm grade is an A.

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  1. Hey, sorry to leave this unrelated comment here, but...

    Do you have an e-mail address that's different from the one you normally use to comment on my blog with? The last couple of times I tried to e-mail you, it bounced back and I'd like to drop you a private note about that secret creative project I mentioned. If you've got another e-mail address that I can send you a note to, could you e-mail me from that one?