Monday, October 22, 2007

Justice at Work

We went to Terry Dale Devereaux's sentencing today. His mother was there, and immediately went to work on intimidating Zach. I told her to leave him alone. Then I got to say some things to the judge, something like since Zach and Terry were in school, Zach has always been his friend. When Terry was getting out of Juvenile detention, it was Zach he looked up to be his friend, and turned it against Zach. I said he immediately started "grooming" his victim, turned our lives upside down over the past 10 months, and almost killed Zach in the process. I told the judge about the cat scans and the night at the ER. I told him that I agreed with the state that Terry needed help. What he did to Zach showed just how malicious he could be. I said I think he should pay for what he did to Zach, but that society needs to be protected from him as well. That Terry's criminal career wasn't over, by any means.

I left out the part about Terry showing how little regard he had for life. I really wanted to say that, but I forgot when the time came.

So here it is: 8 years, 4 years fixed, sentence set aside upon successful completion of the program at Cottonwood. It is called a retained jurisdiction commitment. I guess he has to spend six months in therapy to be recondition to be a productive member of society. If he does complete the program successfully, he will be set free on probation, but will serve the full term if he does anything illegal while on probation. If he doesn't complete the program successfully, he serves the 4 years fixed.

It's ok, if the re-programming works. Although, even if he successfully completes the program, if he is released to the care of his mother it will all be unlearned all to quickly. So I guess I'll have to show up to the 6 month hearing to let them know how dangerous it would be to set him free with her. She aught to love that.

We were in the courtroom when Terry's "girlfriend" came in. That just gave Judy the warm and fuzzies, I guess, because she started smiling and laughing and looking at me as if she had just won. It was weird. So when Zach and I were heading for the car, we passed the group and once again, she smiled at me. I looked at her and asked her "why are you so happy all of a sudden?" Terry's "girlfriend" told me to just keep walking and don't say anything. (Zach couldn't get to the car fast enough - or I would have stopped at this point. He was safely out of sight, so....) Yeah, right.

Judy started in, I don't remember what she said, it was weird, so I told her that I intend to see to it she pays for her part in it. I told her that it is illegal to buy vodka for under-aged people, and that she was just as responsible for what happened as Terry. She started coming at me, screaming "You just couldn't keep your mouth shut in their could you? You just had to say those things about him, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did!" I said. Then she started failing her arms as though she wanted to hit me. I think she was trying to get me to flinch or something. He father got in front of her, Terry's girlfriend was behind her, and they were trying to get her under control. Once I realized they weren't going to let her hit me (darn it!) I taunted her. "Go ahead, hit me! Hit me NOW!" I said to her. She backed off, but had to call me a pig.

No, I didn't call her a crack whore. I don't know why. I do know that this isn't over. I will check in with the prosecutor and see what is happening with Judy. She really needs to be prosecuted for her part in it. Then, maybe I'll have just that much more to add at the six month hearing.

Yes, she is one of those mothers who feel her son shouldn't be held responsible for what he does to others. But by God he had better not turn on her!

I really hope that the program works for Terry. He is currently on the fast track to serial fame. He will end up killing someone if something doesn't intervene and turn him around. If it doesn't help, I have no doubt I am on his short list for possible murder victims. Wait, no, he knows I fight back. He wouldn't be brave enough to face me down like that. He would find an innocent woman to take his frustration out on. Unless he figures he's done something stupid and is going to have to go to prison any way, so why not take the bitch out first. I don't know if he would ever come after Zach. I don't think he sees Zach as being responsible for this. I'm the one who made him pay. Well, I have six whole months to not have to worry.


  1. I don't know how you feel about them, but things like that are why I own a gun. I hope never to use them, but, if the need arises, I won't hesitate. When people question how I can reconcile that with my faith, I explain that it's like putting down a mad dog. Sure, it's not the dog's fault that it's crazy, but I'm still going to put the poor thing down.
    Also, I freely admit that I'm not a very good Christian. I try hard, but, well, I'm human and have my sadly all too human failings.

  2. When all of this went down, I thought often and seriously about buying a gun. I probably will when he gets out, it really does worry me that much.

    I always thought I would never kill someone else to save my own life, but I could definitely kill to protect my kids. I have to stick around for a while anyway, Zach needs me. He said so.

  3. Well, when the time comes, buy a revolver. They're easy to maintain, easy to load, and they never, ever jam when you need them. But, I hope you don't need one at all.

  4. Have you considered getting a court order to keep this cretin away from you?

  5. We have a no contact order. We got it as soon as the prosecutor took the case, and we will continue to have it when he gets out. No contact orders are not guarantees that we will be safe, though. If he chooses to violate it, he will have about 20 minutes to do what he will. That's about how long it takes for the police to respond around her. At least that has been my experience.

    I will definitely seek advice about how where and what on the gun purchase. I wouldn't have guns when Zach was younger as he had such anger control issues. It still kind of scares me to get one now, and I am not convinced it will actually be where I need it when I need it. But if the circumstances were just right, I wouldn't hesitate to use it. I think.

  6. Be sure to take some firing and safety lessons. The time and money spent on that will be well worth it. A piece of advice I got from one of my martial arts teachers: never wield a weapon of any kind without being 100% willing to use it, because otherwise the weapon is in fact useless.

    I did enjoy learning how to fire a gun when I was a teenager, and would probably still enjoy target practice if I had the time.