Saturday, October 13, 2007

My head hit the wall. Again. And again. And...

Well, I let Megan move in with us this summer. She wanted to go back to school and wouldn't be able to do that and pay rent at the same time, so I had this brilliant idea. Instead of paying rent, she could clean the house! I re-textured the ceiling in the room, painted and carpeted. It looks quite pretty. Well, it does today.

You see, not only has she not been cleaning the house - at all - she has also been leaving her cloths piled on the brand new carpet. She gets my hair dryer out, her curling irons, and leaves them in a hopelessly tangled mess on my dressing table. She doesn't dry her cloths in the dryer (she thinks they shrink) so she hangs them to dry on one of those little drying racks. For two weeks.

Needless to say, I have been feeling rather put out by the whole thing. I thought maybe I would use her as the "behavior modification" assignment in my learning class, but changed my mind when another student said it might ruin my relationship with her. Apparently, Megan isn't too concerned about our relationship or she would be respectful enough to do her part, right?

So I showed her today! That's right! I cleaned the house! Yeah! I'll bet she never shirks her responsibilities again, now!

My head hurts.


  1. I'm sorry that i haven't been doing a very good job keeping up with my end of the bargain. I'm not sure what my deal is latly! I just want you to know that my laziness has nothing to do with our relationship. Well maybe it does to you, but I still love you A LOT!!! I think that you are the greatest mom ever! Once again, I'M SORRY!!!!!!