Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm back, and better than ever!

I took the first of four cognitive psychology tests Thursday. I had been told that this teacher is the most picky essay grader in the world, and that the essays had to be word for word what she said in class. Our test grades are based on the highest score received, but the people in that class are sooooo smart. They've had her classes before. They know things!

So, I psyched myself out. After the way my test taking skills bottomed out last semester, I was praying to be able to get a C in this class. Please! Just a C! I just need to pass! Surely I can make off with a C!

Test day came. My heart was racing, my fingers were barely able to grip the pencil, and my lungs forgot their function. The paper was white and so official.

I was a little surprised as I read the questions. Each and every question was well thought out. There were no surprises; nothing was worded in a way that was different from the lectures or the book. The essay questions were not asking for an "information dump" (teacher's words), and they were all about the material we covered in class. I took many a deep breath and read very carefully.

When I had finished the multiple choice, there were 5 that I had marked as "I'm not sure this is right." Typically, the number of I'm not sures is the number I typically get wrong. Not the same questions, just the same number. It's really weird that way. The essays I did the best I could, I didn't have much trouble remembering the names of the researchers (who would have guessed that!) and the only one I remember being stumped on was the big one at the end.

I added things up in my head - looked like maybe a b.

Then I got home and remembered a handout she had given us and thought how strange that it wasn't covered in the essay. Then I realized it was, I just didn't answer it correctly. The more I mulled it over the more I felt 75% was the maximum I could get. Then I began to beg for that C!

Today, we got the tests back. I got 87 out of the 100 points possible. I would be absolutely thrilled with that all in itself, but she takes the top score and makes that the 100% mark. Guess what the 100% mark was. 87!

I can't believe it either!

Go figure.