Saturday, July 05, 2008

Yes it has video, but it wouldn't hold up in court!

I took movies of our fireworks display from my razr phone. Yeah, this thing takes horrible pics and flix. No better than eyewitness testimony!

For the past few years Twin Falls has seen fabulous fireworks shows. They were the biggest public displays of conspicuous consumption that our town had. Those years are gone now, and our fireworks show this year regressed a decade. It was ok then, to have one big firework then wait a while for the next, but I think I was spoiled by the non-stop displays of glory. Not that this wasn't glorious.

The finale was pretty.

I might have enjoyed the thing better if I hadn't sprained my ankle trying to walk and phone Zach at the same time. Did I mention that I was a little sleep deprived?

Ok, so I'm a klutz.


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