Friday, July 04, 2008

Scrutator: Happy 4th of July!

It's Friday and it's the 4th of July. A three day weekend for most, but not me. I worked today, and I will work Saturday and Sunday! I worked last night and didn't get enough sleep before I had to go to work this morning, so I am suffering from sleep deprivation, which means my working memory resources are suffering.

So, while others have written eloquent posts about what our independence, patriotism, secularism and freedom mean to them, I will have to leave it at Happy 4th of July!

And here is this week's installment of the slightly read Scrutator!

And to start things off, just let me say I love the whole world!

Not Autism Speaks is a new website designed to counter the damage autism speaks does to autistic people. If you are curious about why Zach and I, along with many others disagree with autism speaks and their message, check out this site.

I really had hoped that I would never have to hear Brandi Swindell's whiny entitled mouth anymore once the lawsuit to keep the 10 commandments monument in one of Boise's Julia Davis park failed. But I was wrong. Apparently, Brandi and her co-kook, Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance think that they should be able to bring any lawsuit they want, no matter how unfounded, against the good tax payers of Boise and not have to be held accountable. In 2004 the Federal judge clearly ordered them to pay attorneys fees and court costs to the city of Boise when they lost the lawsuit, but they chose to ignore that order. Now, the City is threatening to take legal action to collect the money, and their faces are all over KTVB whining about how unfair it all is to expect tax paying citizens to pay for exercising their constitutional rights. What about the rest of the taxpayers, Brandi? What about all the people in Boise who agreed that the monument needed to be moved to a private location in accordance with public law? What about the constitutional right not to have to look at the rules of one religion's morality in a public place? What about the right to separation of church and state? What about the right of taxpayers not to have to pay for frivolous lawsuits? What about my right not to have to look at your "feel sorry for me" ass? Stop whining and pay the fees!

Wow, that's it already! And it seemed like such a long week!


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