Thursday, July 03, 2008


For about the past three months I have been getting a great deal of spam on my excite e-mail account. When I look a the messages, I have to wonder - how do people get so, so, so, ignorant!?! One of the things that got my attention is that the mail never comes from the same person twice. Someone has managed to get access to a ton of people's e-mail addresses. I don't know if it is an excite problem or what.

So, for the record, no, I'm not interested in fake high fashion time pieces getting an immense rod for myself, a convenient way to shop for remedies - online or otherwise, shimmer sighter (what?), getting some bonus centimeters, more satisfaction with a wider girth (my girth is definitely wide enough!), purchasing high quality medications at a lower cost in California, to set my wife on fire (!!!!), open the world of new possibilities or become an unexcelled lover. I can only hope some of the things I get in my bulk e-mail comes from someone who doesn't speak english at all, and that some of these things come from bad translations!


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