Thursday, January 01, 2009

Car trouble on Teton Pass

There was a power outage on Teton Pass, so I couldn't post a picture. Until now. This is why I love these cameras - especially this one. You get to see the people close up and personal with this camera. The other cameras just show the roads and landscape, but this one shows the people. People when they're coming, people when their going, and people when their car breaks down.

I started looking around at the department of transportation sites, and Utah and Oregon do a pretty good job with the cameras. A good job in that you pick a camera as placed on a map. That way you can daydream about that road trip! Other states have cameras, but you kind of need to know the area to understand them at all. They are listed by location, and I don't know the landscape of most states. It's still fun though.

I really need to get a job.


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