Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas came. It snowed all Christmas Eve and all Christmas Day. Megan and Steve braved the roads home from Richfield, though I can't say they used good judgment in making the trek. A man in Jerome got stuck in the snow storm on Christmas Morning and told/allowed (depending who you listen to) his two small children to walk 10 miles in a blizzard. The little girl died of hypothermia and people are looking for retribution. It is one of the saddest stories I have heard - it ranks right up there with Poor Babes in the Woods.

The snow is nearly all melted away now. That's how it is here. There is still plenty of snow in the mountains (canal officials might disagree), and some ice still covers some side streets. They say that another cold front is coming and we might get more snow, and we'll definitely get more cold. My dad said something that is helping - it is a reframing of an old cold thought. I hate winter, it seems to last forever. But my dad said, "Winter will be over in March, and then it will be warm again". Yes. March. That's only a few months away. Three months, I can do that. A long winter? No. Three months? yes.

Here are some pictures of Christmas at Zach's. Megan took pictures, but for some reason she only wanted to take pictures of me, which I deleted. The first is a picture of Zach's christmas tree, then a picture of his hors devours (saltines and sardines). I 've decided I really like having Christmas and Thanksgiving at Zach's. I don't have to wash the dishes! He had all the dishes rinsed and stuck in the dish washer before I left. He got cable, so we watched the Star Trek TNG marathon all day. They only showed one of my favorite episodes. Oh, well, it was kind of fun anyway.

When I got home, it was late and still snowing. I took some pictures of the snow. Really - it is snow. It's not spirit orbs - it's blurry snow. Although, I might be able to sell one on Ebay, and say that it was a picture of Christmas Spirits! I'll bet I could make enough money to get some more saltine crackers and sardines!

And that was Christmas.


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