Saturday, July 25, 2009

How well do you know Cheri?

Facebook can be fun sometimes. There is an application with which you can create a quiz about yourself, and invited friends to take it. I did just that, and the highest score was 50%. I thought I would use that quiz to create some posts about me. I mean, why not. If you want to take the quiz first before reading about why the answer was what it was go here.

I will start the posts not in numerical order, but in order of the questions that I felt had the most interesting results. And that just so happens to bring us to question #1.

1. If I won the lottery, what is the craziest thing I would do?
a. Throw $1 bills out of an airplane
b. Buy an energy efficient smart car
c. Shovel change into a wishing well
d. Quit my job and go back to school - permanently
e. Buy the local movie theaters for free movie days

Ok. Most people thought the answer to this question was d: quit my job and go back to school - permanently. But that isn't crazy! It isn't is it? Well, it doesn't seem that crazy to me. I would do it. But I don't think it's crazy. I would also b: buy an energy efficient smart care. Definitely. That isn't crazy either - at all I say. I would also try my best to e: buy out all of the local movie theaters, which all happen to be owned by one man. I hate his monopoly, and I would have free movie days - for everyone. Crazy? Perhaps, but it would be fun. The only one that I would not do in these choices is a: throw $1 bills out of an airplane. I would throw myself out of an airplane, but throwing the money would just be wasteful in my opinion. Crazy, yes. Wasteful, yes. Fun, no. That leaves the answer. C. Shovel change into a wishing well. I think that would be crazy! There is some commercial on tv about not throwing money away and it shows a woman shoveling money into a wishing well. It's crazy, but I would do it! I would make sure the money in the well went to a charity, of course. It's crazy because shoveling change would be like running your fingernails down a chalk board. But imagine all the strange looks people would give you! Totally worth it.

Next time, I'll talk about my favorite food.


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