Tuesday, August 04, 2009

How well do you know Cheri? Food

Facebook can be fun sometimes. There is an application with which you can create a quiz about yourself, and invited friends to take it. I did just that, and the highest score was 50%. I thought I would use that quiz to create some posts about me. I mean, why not. If you want to take the quiz first before reading about why the answer was what it was go here.

As you recall, I am not addressing these questions in order. Last time I talked about the craziest thing I would do if I won the lottery, and it turns out that I do not think it's crazy to quit your job and go back to school, if not permanently, at least as long as I can afford to. This post will address what my favorite food is, which is question #4.

4) My favorite food is
a) strawberry shortcake
b) pizza
c) salmon
d) lobster
e) home-made brownies

I love food. There are so many foods I love that it is quicker to say what I don't like. Black licorice and custard. I hate black licorice, and I don't like custard, though I can tolerate it in some dishes. But this question isn't about what I hate, it's about what I love. And, I love a) strawberry shortcake. I eat plenty of it in the spring - every spring. Oh, how I love strawberry shortcake. But, it isn't my favorite. I love e) home-made brownies, too, which is the answer all of the women who took the quiz picked (was it just a lucky guess on the son-in-law's part?) Who doesn't love b) pizza? I don't think I know that person, and I'm not sure I'd want to. That's obviously a snotty over-exaggeration. But as much fun as pizza is, it isn't it. c) Salmon. But only when it's cooked right. Ok, and sometimes when it isn't. I love salmon, but it isn't even my favorite fish. Trout is. Trout is my favorite fish probably because it typically follows a long day of fishing with loved ones. That leaves d) lobster. I would eat lobster every day if I could. But then, if I could eat it everyday, it might not be my favorite. I do love lobster. Not the Mediterranean lobster at red lobster - way too much seasoning, can't taste the lobster. Just broil me up a tail and let me have at it. It would probably go good on pizza too! With a side of salmon. I can't decide if I want the home-made brownie or strawberry shortcake for desert. So I'll have both!

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  1. wow. What interesting combinations lol. I think that I guessed brownies when I took that quiz. Tricky tricky tricky!