Thursday, September 10, 2009

How well do you know Cheri? Flowers

Facebook can be fun sometimes. There is an application with which you can create a quiz about yourself, and invited friends to take it. I did just that, and the highest score was 50%. I thought I would use that quiz to create some posts about me. I mean, why not. If you want to take the quiz first before reading about why the answer was what it was go here.

As you recall, I am not addressing these questions in order. Last time I talked about my favorite food which just happens to be lobster. This post will address what my favorite flower is, which is question #5.

My favorite flower is:

a) rose
b) lilac
c) iris
d) daisy
e) carnation

My ex husband bought a e) carnation for me when I was mad that he hadn't come home for Valentines day. Needless to say, they don't rank up there as a favorite flower at all. He bought it thinking it was a a) rose. I do love roses, they smell so good and are so sophisticated. But they aren't my favorite. I have a picture of a type of d) daisy on my blog. This particular daisy is quite unexpected. The colors contrast with gusto. It is a cute little daisy. But daisies have never been my favorite. I love c) irises. My grandma used to grow them in her yard. I used to grow them in my flower garden, and my neighbor thinks they are to die for. I reallly like the ones that smell like root beer. They really come in a cool variety of color combinations and styles. Some look like they have ruffles, some are plain, some have really cool beards. As much as I like them, they are not my favorite. My favorite flower blooms in the spring. Their aroma permeates the whole world it seems. They are a soft purple, pink or white. Nothing rocks my world like sticking my nose into a b) lilac bush.

This question was really a hard one for people who know me because I really do love irises and roses too. But lilacs, for some unexplainable reason, are my favorite.


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