Thursday, September 17, 2009


What a month this has been! I got my apartment, which I have already written about. I got my sofa bed, which is pictured in a previous post. I have a new computer, not exactly the one pictured, but pretty close. I am learning a ton this semester in school, and I'm surprised because I am so behind right now. I haven't gotten to do much gta work, but they say that will pick up. I hope so. I expect to earn my pay, you know. I am even working on coming up with good questions for my upcoming dissertation.

The apartment thing is working out ok. I did have to clean it to move into it, and there was only one light bulb in the whole place. It stinks to high heaven, and I think it's because the refrigerator doesn't work right. I plan to tell the manager, but I really doubt she will do anything about it - she hasn't done much of anything she said she was going to do yet (like replace the light bulbs, and the shower curtain rod). It's on the 3rd floor, so I get a little exercise.

My sofa couch isn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but then, hey, $99.99! I have an air mattress that I put on top of it for bed, and it is really comfortable like that. The night I got the sofa bed was the first night I actually slept since getting my apartment.

Getting this computer was an ordeal. The one I wanted from Staples was $50 less than this one, but none of the Staples here or in Boise had one in stock. I bought one on Friday from Office Max in Twin Falls, took it home, turned it on, and ---nothing---. I called the HP service line, and she suggested I send it in and they would send me another one in 5 days. Yeah, right. I just bought the think, I wasn't going to wait 5 days for it. I took it back to the store to get another one, and they didn't have one. So the manager suggested I go to one of the stores in Pocatello or Boise Saturday (the last day of the sale). I thought, hey! I'll visit Megan. I went to Boise, and Megan was busy all day. I bout this computer at the office max there. Guess what? The charge for both computer purchases came in on Monday, but the credit didn't come in until Tuesday. I got a $102 insufficient charge fee. I went to the bank, they said they couldn't help me (but gave me a claims dispute number). They told me it was office max's fault. So I drove to office max, and he was understanding, but said I would have to call their corporate office. So I went home and called the dispute number, The service rep immediately refunded my account the $102.

So I have my computer and my couch/bed and my apartment.

What I don't have is time enough to catch up on school work for all the searching for apartments, sofa/couches and computers. But I do think that is about to change. I did get to run last night. It felt really good. I don't have to go anywhere to do laundry, because there is a laundry room here in the apartment complex. And now, I only drive home on the weekends - and that might change as soon as I get all my stuff moved into my new house. I will get caught up, It just wouldn't be me if I didn't.

I can't believe how much I am learning. I thought I wasn't learning anything. But I am. I can't believe how cool our brains are. The way it processes the things we perceive. I am not going divulge all secrets here, so you will just have to take my word for it. Or take classes in physiological psychology, sensation and perception and cognition. I find myself becoming more and more convinced that we are just "machines" reacting to and with out environment. The debate between mind and body is all but resolved for me. It is really quite liberating. My destiny is what I make it. I don't have to be perfect, just good. That doesn't mean it isn't fun to speculate, just like it's fun to watch romantic comedies. They're entertaining, but not especially true to life.

I'm going to quit writing for tonight. Eventually I will write something worth reading. Something about a new acquisition of knowledge! And maybe I will have new pictures of Pocatello to post (yet another think I haven't had time for).

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  1. Yes our brains are fasinating arnt they.
    Glad your apprtment is working out - hope you can desmell it soon!