Sunday, November 20, 2005

Getting Old

The question of the day is "so how does it feel to be the mother of two adult children?" I keep saying, doesn't feel any different to me. So my son turned 18, or as he put it, he has successfully completed 18 trips around the sun.

So today I did some real soul searching. I needed to really discover what I desire, and what I aspire to. Right now I am free. Well, yes, I will be taking care of him until graduation, but, free as I have been in my whole life. More than ever, I need to slow down and take things as they come.

It does no good to worry about being old and alone. If I give in to my desire not to be alone, I will become imprisioned by that desire. I have so many things that I aspire to, those things must come first. Those things will keep me free, and young.

It is a good moment to exist in. I am grateful for my new freedom.


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