Friday, November 16, 2007

Justice served

Today Jacob Torres-Vasquez had his day in court. He tried to say that he was innocent in the incident, that he tried to get talk Terry into taking Zach to the hospital and that he only put cigarettes out on Zach's arm to show Terry that Zach was really out of it.

What a load of crap.

His mother was there. I felt really sorry for her. She didn't look at Zach or me like we were evil monsters who were trying to take her child from her. As a matter of fact, I really think she was glad that Zach was ok, and not just because that meant that Jake wasn't being sentenced for 2nd degree murder. She told the judge that she tried to keep Jake from being friends with Terry because she knew Terry's mother was horrible, and was known to buy drugs and alcohol for Terry and his friends.

Jake got pretty much the same sentence as Terry. His lawyer tried to get it down to probation, but the judge thought that would be way to easy.

Terry's mother? I asked the prosecutor once again to make her pay. I told how Judy intimidated Zach at Terry's sentencing and how she and I exchanged words in the parking lot afterwards. I don't understand why she isn't being held accountable. She is more culpable that any of them. Terry wouldn't be messed up the way he is if not for her. I don't know - I think she needs to pay. She absolutely has not conscience.

They said they were looking into it.

Good people are dying, some aren't even born. Evolution doesn't hate waste, she's proof of that. I really can't imagine what purpose she could possibly have that would make this world a better place. But it is not my place to make such decisions. Apparently, she still has a part to play in this world, for good or ill.

It is possible that I have watched/read LOTR a few too many times. Sounds like something fun to do this week while I don't have class! I will get my meta theory paper done, and my test and measurement paper as well.

I'm going to bed now.


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