Saturday, December 22, 2007

2000 Visits

I got my 2000th hit (since getting statcounter on Feb. 5, 2007) today. I got my 1000th hit in July. It truly surprises me that I would be getting as many visits as I have, especially considering how little I have written lately. Yes, 2000 hits since February seems sparse compared to more popular bloggers. Some get that many in just one day! I don't ever plan for this blog to be that popular, but I like to track which pages people are looking at.

Which pages are people looking at? Well, I'm glad you asked.

10. Why a degree is important to me has been viewed a lot. I never sent the application because I couldn't get CSI to get me the transcripts I had to have in time. I wonder if it has helped some of the people who have looked at it.

9. Synchronicity was a post I wrote when I realized that some of the new-age spiritual "teachers" didn't have any more answers than any other spiritual "teacher".

8. Go Packers was a post I wrote because my favorite football team is having a remarkable season this year. I wonder what kind of traffic I could get if I were more of a sports writer. I don't think I care to find out.

7. Have you seen this alien is one of my favorite posts. I'm glad people look at it! I never get comments, but I wonder what they think. They are usually looking for someone who has seen a real alien, not just some reflection.

6. Can you see auras was one of those silly quizzes I like so much. I have a feeling people are looking for people who can really see auras, just like people were looking for people who really see aliens. I guess if I wanted a lot of traffic on my web site, writing a lot about new age spirituality and conspiracy theories would be a great way to go. But how boring would that be?

5. How big can my problems be was a post I wrote when I was still reeling from the ordeal Zach was going through. Most of the visits happened on one day by one person. They googled images and liked these pictures, I guess.

4. I'm not going to kid you. I knew when I wrote the post title, that premature e-jaculation would be getting some visits. I don't know if people know that I used the term to indicate I posted too soon about whether Terry Devereaux would be paying for his crime. I had found out on this day that there actually was a law he could be charged with. And now, he is spending time in a treatment facility. If he can't complete it successfully, he will spend the next eight years in prison for hurting Zach.

3. I took several of on line personality tests last summer for my theories of personality class. The advanced global personality test is the most popular of the tests.

2. I am still getting a lot of traffic on this post. This past spring, a woman was murdered and thrown off the Perrine bridge. Our local media didn't seem to care who she was, but I couldn't just let it go. I needed to know if anyone out there knew Kimberly Ann Payton. I am still getting a lot of traffic from California. A little while ago, someone commented that she had fought with her boyfriend that night and went out to let off steam. It is one of the most tragic events I have ever heard of. I know she had a lot of family and friends out there who really loved her and miss her terribly. I'm sure they are all missing her this holiday season.

And the post that got the most hits?
1. Happy one month anniversary sweety. That's right, no one will let me forget. Well, I guess I can't say I'm sorry it all happened. It really was fun at first, and I did learn something about myself. Hopefully, it is something I won't be repeating.

So, there it is. I do like my blog, and I do plan to write more now that the semester is over. I didn't get all As this time around. That's right, I got a B+. I shouldn't be upset, there are a lot of people out there that would love to have my gpa. They can't have it though. And I do have to write about what I learned. It is difficult to write it, I seem to be having a really hard time explaining it in a way people can understand. I will give it a shot, though, soon.

Until then......Happy Holidays.

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  1. Comgratulations on your 2000th hit and may there be many more!
    Hope you and your family have a lovely christmas.
    Casdok and C x