Monday, February 09, 2009

I have a job

It seemed like I would never get a job. The economy is tanking and the state is cutting back hard on medicaid. It seemed like I had looked forever! I hadn't. It had only been a few weeks. But I really was upset the last Friday of January, because I had been offered a part time job that fell through because they lost a client. And the other job was only going to pay $11/hr for a $20/hr job. I felt hopeless. For a minute.

As I was approaching my house I got a call for an interview. So I felt better. Then when I was helping Zach with his shopping, I got a call for another interview. It was a huh! moment. Then the next day (Saturday) I got a call for another interview. That was a whoa! moment. Two interview on Monday, one on Tuesday.

The first interview was exploratory. They didn't really have a position, but they liked my resume, and wanted to see if they had a place for me. (apparently not - I haven't heard from them since). The second interview was for my job. He spent some time selling his agency to me, then offered me the job. I took it.

I went to the job interview on Tuesday, just to see. They have someone who is moving to Hawaii in March. They said they would call me next week sometime to let me know what is going on.

So the job I got was kind of a surprise. Surprise isn't really the word. I am really having a hard time putting a word to the feeling. I'm wondering if I can trust it. It just seems strange to get a job like that, just offered right off, when so many people are looking for work that actually have experience. I don't know why I should doubt it, though. Every job I have ever had that I liked was placed nicely in my lap. Kind of like this job!

The nice thing about this job is that I already have 15 hours a week of clients, and the agency doesn't set my schedule. I negotiate the schedule with the client. What that means is that I can start thinking about working in the ISU lab again, I will have the money to apply for grad school, and I will have money and time to take the GRE. So, if all this really works out like it seems to be, I'll be going to grad school, and still be working with this agency.

I finished reading the treatment manual for the agency. I really like what they do. If they had been around, if I had know about them more recently, I would have had Zach in with them. They don't just work on the behavior, they work on the cognitive aspects of mental disorders as well. I am impressed so far with what I have seen. I think I can really do some good work here. I hope. Of course I can!

I have been making bread on Sundays since becoming poor. Tonight I baked my fourth loaf of bread (the old fashioned way - not a bread machine) and it turned out fabulous. I have also discovered that if I can use 1/3 of the dough to make pizza! And the pizza tonight was fabulous! I must have kneaded that dough perfectly!

It's funny what you can learn about yourself when you have no money. Homemade bread takes several hours, but it is better than the crap you get at the supermarket. It's cheaper too. And homemade pizza is so much better than frozen pizza. And it is much more affordable. And it has the toppings on it you want, or at lease the ones you have on hand. I had left over toppings from last weekend when Zach bought toppings and cheese to go with my crust, pineapple, and spinach.

It is really late now. Or really early. I suppose I aught to hit the sack. (That's what poor people do - but I won't be poor much longer)