Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Rider Program Flunk Out

I got news from the prosecutors office that Jacob Vasques has failed his rider. So he is now sitting in prison along with Terry. The interesting news is that Terry is petitioning the court to lower his sentence. Can you believe that? I can't. If he had taken the rider program seriously and given it some effort, he would be out by now on parole! So he fails the program and wants his sentence lowered. I cannot think of one reason why his sentence should be lowered. He is sitting in prison because of his own actions. He was given every opportunity to be rehabilitated and he blew it. Now he wants the courts to let him off easy.

I intend to be there to fight it. Terry's mother hasn't been to McDonalds since Terry filed the petition. That won't stop me from letting the judge know she was there twice after Terry failed his rider.

If they let him off easy, he will end up killing. He most likely will anyway, but I'm not in any hurry to see it happen. I will do whatever it takes to protect myself and my son from this anti-social son of a drug whore. He won't get another chance to take advantage of Zach through Zach's autism.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wedding Announcement

The wedding plans are moving along. Megan brought me the picture she wants to use on her invitations. Yes, the happy couple! So sweet, I might get a cavity! Ah, what it is like to start out on a new journey filled with delusions of how easy and perfect married life will be. Flowers everyday and blowing kisses on the phone. Joy and sweetness permeating through each and every moment. So in sync with each other, never an argument or even slight disagreement. Sunshine and happiness warm each and every moment, and song birds always ready to sing sweet songs to dance to.

When I see this picture, I can't help but wonder...Where is the shotgun?

Maybe marriage won't be a walk in the park, but they are very much in love and happy with each other. They are both excited about their future and look forward to the journey ahead. And they are sooooo cute!

Time is NOT a Constant

Aluminum Sculpture - Side View, no filter colorIt isn't that I have forgotten I have a blog I am supposed to be posting to, it's that the days have fooled me. There were days that seemed to last forever, yet it seems like it was yesterday that I sprained my ankle! (it's doing much better) Aluminum Sculpture - side view partial orange filter

There were days over the past two weeks when no matter how quickly I moved, it wasn't fast enough to get where I wanted to be when I wanted to be there. Then there were days when I was 10 minutes early everywhere I went.

Aluminum Sculpture - top view red filter

It's Spring Break now! Not that I have much time to rest. I have two tests the week we get back that I want to start studying for now. I also have 4 paintings to work on - two need to be finished by the time I go back. My sculpture is nearly finished.Aluminum Sculpture - side view, blue filter

This has been an interesting process. We made our sculpture in wax. Then we had to add a cup and vents for metal pouring purposes. Then we cast it in plaster, melted the wax out of the plaster mold and poured molten metal into the mold. I chose to do mine in aluminum because that was what I could afford. Aluminum Sculpture - side view, negative space where cat eye boulder will go, no filter color

I was up until 4:30 this morning filing and polishing this thing up. It is so small. I bought a dremel tool to help, and it did, but I would have to go buy more expensive attachments to get into all the nooks and crannies. Instead, I bought a $9.00 manicure tool, which actually worked better. To get it to shine, I had to use buffing sticks made for fingernails because the buffing tools that came with the dremel tool didn't make the metal shiny. Well, I want to stick a cat eye glass boulder in one of the negative spots (one of the balls that was there was lost in the pouring process) and I think it will add a little more tension to the piece.
Aluminum Sculpture - top view, no flash
After all of that, I have decided that I will probably not be a sculptor. It is a lot more work than I am ok with. The creative process is fun, the grinding, sanding and polishing process is not.Aluminum Sculpture - side view of negative space for cat eye boulder, no color filter

In Experimental Psych we are working in groups. Our group made questionnaires and had people complete them for us. Friday, I entered all the data from mine, and I don't know if I looked at it right, but it looked like I had a significant difference that would uphold our hypothesis! I will know better when I get back. I will print out the SPSS output and ask her if I am just doing too much wishful thinking and not enough good number crunching. If we really do get significance, I will be sooooo shocked. Just going over the questionnaires, I didn't think we had anything. It really looked like there was a lot of social desirability in the participant's answers. I was actually beginning to do research on the problems with social desirability in this type of research, and I might yet need it. But wouldn't it be so cool to actually get good results?!?! Aluminum Sculpture - upper angle, green filter

P.S. The sculptures look like different colors because I put colored filters over the flash on my camera. I think this sculpture would look cool under multicolored lights.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Treating a Sprained Ankle

Something bad happened this past Monday. I sprained my ankle. I'm ok, it's probably between a 1st degree and 2nd degree sprain. It is bad because on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have so much walking to do to get to my classes. I didn't get to see a doctor until Tuesday afternoon and I got a rockin' ankle brace and some advice to ice. She said it would be a couple of weeks before it was back to normal functioning and six weeks until complete healing.

So, of course, I really couldn't give the poor ankle the rest it needed until this weekend. I found that I was using the ice-bag a lot and began to wonder if I was doing it right. So I googled it! I found this great advice. I am posting it here so that I will be able to find it again should I re-injure the ankle (which is common apparently).

Friday, March 07, 2008

3000 Visits

3000 visitsI added Statcounter to my blog on 2/5/07, I got my 1000th visit on 7/9/07, my 2000th visit on 12/22/07, and today I got my 3000th visit! The cool thing about the 3000th visit that wasn't true of the 2000th or 1000th visits is that it was actually someone who regularly reads my blog! Ethel's Trophy

Ethel the Tree! You are my 3000th visitor!

So how did I go from getting 1000 visits every 5 months to getting 1000 visits in just a little over 2 months? It's easy! People were looking for the pictures I posted on my acquisition posts. For some reason, pictures get googled more than text on my blog. And the pictures that get googled the most aren't even my pictures. Go figure.

In other news, I might have to stop watching football. It will be too sad after Brett's tearful news conference. I wasn't really surprised. Green Bay is the team that is supposed to play well in the coldest weather and it was woefully obvious that the bitter cold was getting to be a little too bitter for Brett. It was fun while it lasted.

Did you see Jeff Gordon crash Sunday? It was a little scary. Tore his car up real bad (should be read with a nascar twang). It was so close to the end, and he was so close to finishing well. Oh, well.

Jeff is ok. The car is not. I could just imagine his wife watching that. Do you think she was wondering why she had to go and fall in love with a race car driver?

School is going well, and I am starting to get used to this horrendous schedule. I worry about Zach though. He now has a lot of unsupervised time and remember what happened the last time he got his first taste of unsupervised time? One boy is now in prison and the other in the rider program. Hopefully lessons have been learned.

Have you ever seen movies or tv shows where a mother takes her daughter to get a wedding dress and when she sees her daughter in the dress she starts bawling and blubbering? Pretty ridiculous, huh?

I bought Megan a new dress Saturday before last. I can't wait until after the wedding so I can post pictures of it. It was quite the experience. Megan's future mother in law had her try on her daughter's wedding dress and it fit her. She was planning to wear it, too. But Saturday before last Megan called me early in the morning to see if I would go with her just to try on wedding dresses, because that's one of the fun things about getting married. I agreed.

The first dress shop was to busy to give us the time of day. She did try on a few dresses and one was pretty cute! Then we went to Harts Tux and Gowns and she tried on a couple of dresses. The first one was pretty. She tried on the second. It was really pretty. The girls at the shop were fussing with the train, Megan was pulling at the sleeves, and it was all good. Then one of the girls grabbed a veil and put it in Megan's hair.

Yeah, I was pretty ridiculous. I'm sitting there with tears pouring down my face and Megan looks at me with "what's wrong?" scrawled across her face. The girl helping said, "your mom is getting a little emotional! That's a good sign!" A LITTLE emotional?

All of a sudden, my little girl had transformed into a beautiful woman - right before my eyes. How, I ask you, am I going to handle seeing her as a mother (not too soon, they say). I envy her. She is beginning a whole new life. She is happy and I am happy for her. I have a feeling life is going to be very good to Megan. I wasn't a perfect parent, but I must not have been all that bad, either.

The chain of abuse has been broken.