Thursday, December 17, 2009

Real footage of Bloody Mary! No Kidding!

You know how skeptical I am, but after seeing this, I am a true believer!

I got this from Zach at exactly the right time today. I just finished my finals and am about to embark on grading the second half of a large stack of papers. I actually did laugh out loud, I wonder of passers by wondered what was so funny in that office?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Some new crap

I figured I'm logged in, might as well write something.

I have had trouble with my blogger account the last several weeks. I clicked a link that was supposed to show how your blog would look to a colorblind person. I didn't even think about it, there was a blogger sign in screen and I signed in. Then I realized that it wasn't actually a blogger site - I figured phishing! So I got into blogger and changed my password. Then I couldn't get logged back in. So I sent a message to blogger folks asking them to change my login username. Then, for some unkown reason I got logged in. Then I got the new operating system and couldn't get logged back in. Turns out, they changed my username. So, with any luck, I won't have problems again. At least not for as long as I can perform tasks with cognitive functioning equal to what it was just a couple of years ago!

The day came when it was time to pay for an office license. A fellow student told me about the ultimate steal where a student can get office for a lot less than anywhere else. I check it out, and I was impressed. A guy in my office had been telling me how wonderful Windows 7 was and it just so happened that for about $30 I could upgrade from Vista. So, I went for it.

Well, my vista wouldn't upgrade to 7. So, I installed the all new windows 7. I backed up all of my files (not too many yet because it is still a new computer - but I did have 4G if pictures!). Then I installed the new operating system and wiped out all of the cool drivers that made my computer cool. So, I have been spending my week trying to download drivers from HP so I can have my computer back. It is a long, slow, painful process, but I am getting it done.

I like the version of Office that I got, and some of the drivers I am downloading now are actually better than what I had before. The volume control still doesn't work right, though, and I am sure there is another driver somewhere that will fix it.

The semester is winding down, and I have been assigned to be a regular GTA next semester - something I am really happy about. I don't have anywhere near the number of hours I am supposed to have. I haven't turned down any work (well a couple of times I had to turn down working at the front desk, but that's it) and I still am really short. At large is not a happy place for me. I like to know what I am to do. I am a planner. I plan! I plan to get plenty of hours as a regular GTA next semester. Oh, and I am also going to work on my research project over the break so that I can get a grant proposal in by April and get my study going! My name in print? That would be fun, wouldn't it?

Thanksgiving went well. Megan and Steve came on Friday, and Dad invited my Brother and his wife and daughter. We ate turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. I had to throw green beans in the microwave at the last minute because I forgot the corn on the cob my dad wanted. I forgot to get the rolls ready to bake. I did get all of the pies baked, though. I think it went pretty well. It was weird not to have Zach though. He spent Thanksgiving in Boise with his dad. He is supposed to come back on Saturday. I wonder if he misses me at all?

Megan's pregnancy continues to progress normally, but we won't know what color to buy until Jan 5. That is when they will do the ultrasound that will be good for finding out if it is a boy or girl. Megan is starting to show, but like all pregnant moms, she thinks it looks a lot like fat. Nope. It's baby, baby!

I found a new art sight where the guy shows how to paint with thick paint. I'm all excited because I have this little tiny painting I am working on that will be a toucher! Thick paint, scratchy lines. Well, that's what it is right now. Now I want to paint a stump, and some chickens. The scratchy lines all feel like weeds and I want the stump to feel like bark, and I want the chickens to feel like painted chickens. (I don't think I can make paint be all soft like feathers!)

So, Three more tests and three weeks off (sort of - remember do have to research my research project!)

Oh, and I really haven't been able to see a huge difference with the new operating system. Yes, start up is a little faster, and even though I complained about it before, it really wasn't that big of a deal. Maybe once I get it all done I'll like it better. It just seems that all I have done this week is tweak computer crap.

yes - I said crap.