Saturday, April 03, 2010


I found some pictures of my sister when we were young. She didn't have any pictures of herself because the woman who gave birth to us is a mean selfish person. I had a few to give to Kim so she can see some truths about herself. Like she was beautiful. When I look at this baby picture, I can't image not wanting to pick her up and hug her and play with her and give her kisses. How could anyone not absolutely adore this baby?

Then I was looking through pictures of Megan because I wanted to compare them to Ellie's 4D pics. It turns out (and I don't remember this) but Megan stuck her tongue out all the time just like Ellie is doing in the ultra sound. I also didn't remember Megan having pudgy cheeks either. But she did. I think Ellie might look just like her mommy! I wonder if she will have that hair too?

I also found the diary I wrote for Megan the first year of her life. I don't really remember that much of Megan's first year, but reading this diary really brought a lot back. I'm glad I wrote it. I wish I had written more. That is what makes blogs so darned neat. Megan can chart all of Ellie's progress with pictures and videos and everything. That will be neat. I hope Megan likes the diary I wrote for her - even if it does end badly. Apparently Megan was being a brat the day I wrote the last entry. She was a rather precocious little girl. I loved that about her - apparently not in the moment - but in general.

One of the more curious bits of information in the journal is that Megan's due date was April 18, and she was born on the 1st. I had always thought (because I know when I got pregnant) that her due date was April 4. But if she was 18 days early, then that makes 2 out of 2 babies of mine that were born 2 or more weeks early. So, who knows, maybe Ellie is planning a finals week entrance!

I might add more later, but for now I have to go.