Monday, October 19, 2009


It's the only dating I have seen for a while, and the only dating in my foreseeable future.

I am in Grad school now. I have already posted on that. The apartment is still not the best. My new house in Twin is, though. It isn't completely finished, it needs flooring and furniture. To sit on. And the yards need work. But it is a fantastic house. I need to take pictures of it!

Snow in September from the window of my apartment in PocatelloIt started snowing in September! I don't know what that means for the winter we are about to have, but it isn't funny!Poor little baby tree!Remember last winter when I said I could manage 3 months of winter? Well, I can't manage 6, ok? The good news is that it all melted. The bad news is, there is more in the forcast. Please make it stop! Snow in the mountains is good. Snow in the valley is totally unnecessary!
Snow in Septeber from my new front porch

Zach is enjoying his unemployment. His SSI increase, his rent decreased, and his foodstamps might increase. All in all, he hasn't been hurt financially. He really wants a good job where he doesn't have to deal with people all that much. I wish someone would listen to me and get him a landscaping job.

Now for the fun part.

My grandbabyThere is some big news! Really big news!This is my new grandbaby. I think it looks just like me, don't you? The black spot is its brain, and it is facing away from the ultrasound camera. Megan says if you tip it counterclockwise it looks more like a baby. I went to see her weekend before last and we went shopping. New coat, new shirts, new baby cloths! She has been trying to get pregnant for a year now. I put in a blog post last year that I was going to have some really exciting news - she had gotten pregnant. Unfortunately, it ended in miscarriage, as did the next 4. She and I did a lot of research, and decided it was most likely lutein phase deficiency. So this time around, her husband called the doctor and he gave her a prescription for synthetic progesterone. It worked. As you can see. We are all really excited. She is due May 15th, so I might have to miss finals! She better not do that!

I saved the best for last, didn't I?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

4 years ago today

October 9th was the 4th anniversary of this blog! I always forget about October being the month of my blogs launch in 2005. I forgot again this year. Next year is the 5th anniversary. Maybe I will remember then?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dog saves dog

It is probably just anthropomorphic to say that this dog risked his life to save another dog that had been hit by a car (or a few). I wonder why this dog would have done this. It is very strange behavior for a dog, but we don't really know anything about these dogs or what their life experiences are. But there it is, dragging the wounded dog away.