Monday, February 26, 2007

And the Winner is....


For the most confusing leading role in a non-fictitious life.

(winner walks up to the stage, tripping and tearing the bottom of her formal dress - you know, the one I'd like to own!) "I would like to thank the academy for this great honor! I would like to thank my two children, Megan and Zach, sweet little old dog, my dad, my grandparents (god rest their souls – Thanks grandma and grandpa!) and of course my mother who cause most of this utter confusion in my life. Without her I would be just like everyone else in this world, less confused! I would also like to thank my co-stars who….. What? What was that? This isn’t a real award? This is just a picture generated on (a really cool site where I made my highway sign and fortune cookie) Oh, my god! I am so humiliated! This is probably the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me." (Lie) "Thanks a lot you mean, mean people. Oh!" (fake recipient rushes off stage.


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