Friday, February 23, 2007

The Madhatter and Me

Hey, it's Friday night, I'm single, available, and old fun. But I'm am sitting here alone, again, as usual. So I started looking online to see if anybody out there would even want to spend time with me, and guess what, someone out there WOULD like to spend time with me! See?

Would the MADhatter dine with you?

The MADhatter would love to dine with you! He immediately senses that you are an excitable eccentric mess who is in desperate need of some direct madness! The evening runs smothley and you eat crazy dishes from the very corners of Wonderland. After dining you do a several tribal dances and twirl and shout war cries. After all this you paint yourself with multicoloured paints and celebrate the end of the evening by shooting colourful streamers at bunny rabbits. He then lulls you into a deep sleep and sends you home flying a beautiful bird.
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