Saturday, July 28, 2007

I have a new keyboard!

Ok, so it's not new and it's not mine. It is very old, and it is Megan's. Someone she knows wanted to give it away to someone who would play it, and Megan was the perfect choice. She has always wanted to learn to play the piano, but we could never afford one. She has even taken piano lessons without a piano to practice on, and was told she picked it up very fast. She sat and played on it for about a half hour before she had to go to work. It was just like listening to her practice her violin, soothing and beautiful. She doesn't pick notes like most people (me included). She plays like everything is a beautiful song - seamless and meaningful. Megan is moving back in, and she is bringing her music with her!

I have been too busy lately to write my scrutator posts. My life has turned into a monstrous roller coaster that has gone out of control, and who knows if the tracks will hold!

TD and JV have both confessed, and as far as I know, TD is planning to plead guilty. He has waived his preliminary hearing, and they say that is good. TD is still in jail. The judge originally gave him a $50,000 bond fee, and I don't know if it has been changed, but he was still in jail last night. That didn't stop one of his cronies from trying to trick me into giving him Zach's cell phone number. I caught on early, and I have even paid a $15 fee to find out where the call came from. I am supposed to log these kinds of calls. It doesn't make me feel too terribly safe though.

TD is most like going to PRISON. Not jail, or juvie. PRISON! I was told he would be sentenced to 6 mos and reevaluated to see if he should be released on probation. My guess is that he won't be able to be good for the six months. He has too much of an anger problem. Hopefully, the son of a crank whore will be out of our lives for good.

The house is in ruins trying to get ready for Megan to move in. She will be sharing a room with me. I am hoping there won't be any angry words about whether her religious pictures will hang in my living room. They won't. We'll see.

I am also hoping when we get the living room livable again I will be able to get all of my free tv signals again. I would really not want to miss all my favorite soaps, after all.

Ok, I'm done rambling now. bye


  1. Your keyboard is beautiful! And how wonderful that someone will be giving it the attention that it deserves.

    I am VERY happy that the thugs have confessed and that the "leader" will be going to prison.

    But please take care of yourself in all of this upheaval.

    And, by the way... In response to something you recently wrote in my blog... When the mayhem in your life has calmed down a little, why don't you call your sister and let her know you think about her?

  2. The piano is quite nice. It was built in 1940, so it is about as old as my house. My wrists and hands are sore now. I guess I'll have to cut back on the practicing. I didn't think 3 hours a day was that much, but my hands disagree.

    I, too, am glad the thugs confessed. I am working with Zach to get him back to who he was before Terry. It is hard, but I think I am seeing some success.

    I am trying to take care of myself. It's hard, though, because Megan is moving back in and it is causing some turmoil because we have to rearrange our living arrangements. I'm going to need a break from summer vacation!

    I haven't seen my sister in several years. We haven't spoken in about 12 or 13 years. I really don't believe there is any hope of having a relationship with her without some serious family counseling first. I'll try to write a post as to why that is. It's not her fault or mine, it's just how we were raised.

    Anyway, even if I was ready to see her, I wouldn't have any idea as to how to find her. She moves around a lot.

    But thank you for the encouragement! I do appreciate it.