Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wedding

Have I ever said that I really want a good camera? These are pictures of the wedding. Some were taken from my camera and some were taken with 35mm disposable cameras by the guests. It was a beautiful wedding. The whole thing was like walking through clouds of organza. Megan had a lot of fun and really didn't want it to end. Bride, Groom and BishopMegan walking down the isle with her dadMegan thanking her flower girlExchanging the ringsExchanging the ringsReading the poemJoyfulEnjoying the programMegan and SteveThe KissGroomsmenMegan and her Bridesmaids Wedding feetReceiving lineSign in tableFlower girlGirlfriendsGirlfriendsGrandpa ButchNeices and NephiewsBride and BridesmadesChildren SongEntrywayEntrywayBlowing KissesCutting the CakeEating the CakeThe Happy Couple!

Out of about 200 pictures, I don't even have one good shot of the background I made! Sleep would have cured that! All in all, it turned out very well.


  1. It must have been a long day, 'cause they look so grim in that last picture! But, it does look like a lovely wedding. I'm sure they'll be very happy together.

  2. They had to smile non stop most of the day. The professional photographer was having everyone close their eyes until she said open so that there were no pictures with closed eyes. I doubt there will be any pictures with real personality either - but that's the trade-off when taking group pictures.

    I told them I wanted real smiles and to think of something funny and while they were in thought, I snapped a picture which made them smile. Then they decided they need a picture where they were pouting.

    It goes well with the engagement photo. Steve actually looks like he is pouting, but Megan looks mad. She definitely has the mommy look. Of course, they'll wait on that until they are through school.

  3. So glad i caught these photos and that it all went so well!

    How wonderful!