Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's still sprained

Dang it hurts! It has been almost four days since I sprained it. It seems worse this time, but I don't really know because I didn't take pictures last time. I wish I'd taken pictures the night it happened and every day since to log the progression of this ugliness. At least I'll have this.

I think it's strange how it is bruised in two different places. I also think it's horrible how fat it makes my foot look. Well, I guess it will get better. If it isn't broken. I don't think I would be able to walk on it if it were broken, so I'm going with the sprained hypothesis.


  1. Yeah, I think that's true. If it were broken you couldn't walk on it But, you know, you need to be careful with a sprain, too, so take care of it!

  2. Ice it, and give it extra support. A good ankle brace will help you get about without taxing the tendons and ligaments too much. A topical painkiller or anti-inflammatory will help you, too!!

  3. Thanks for the concern and advice! It gets old feeling sorry for myself alone! ;)

    I started icing it immediately (thanks to generous helpful people at CSI) and have had it on ice a lot since. They say to ice for 48-72 hours, and I went past that because the swelling was still bad and it was still feverish last night. I might ice again tonight, but it does look like it's starting to get better now. It is starting to itch a lot, but it does still hurt.

    I do have a rockin' ankle brace from when I sprained it in March that provides excellent support when I'm out and about, and I have been putting it to good use. I also have an ace ankle support that I wear at night to compress the injury.

    I'm pretty sure this sprain is worse, since I went to the doctor the next day in March and I remember the swelling was minimal as was the bruising. This time I'd better work a lot harder on rehabilitating my ankle so this doesn't become a horrible problem.

  4. PS. Megan, I know you feel sorry for me, I didn't mean that comment to be snotty against you! I actually have been sitting here all day feeling sorry for myself alone.

  5. Mom. I feel sorry for you too! Golly. You don't even think that I care about you! ;) Just joking! I'm glad that the swelling has finally gone down!