Saturday, October 11, 2008

I have perfect color vision!

I took this test to see if my color vision was ok. The first time I took it it was a 16, but I forgot to capture the screen to prove it. So, I decided to take it again, and the second time I got a perfect score. This is a hard test. It really does fatigue those cones.

We're actually learning about the eye right now in Physio Psych and all I can really tell you is that it is way complicated (at least to me). Creationists want to say that they eye is so perfect it had to be designed, and to them I'd like to say - Yeah, right.

As I took this test, I couldn't help but become acutely aware of the color afterimage effect that takes place. It was really hard to see the difference in some of the hues, and I found myself relying on my non-foveal cones to detect whether I had the squares all put in the right places.

I was really surprised to get such good scores! People have told me my whole life that my color perception was off. Maybe it wasn't MY color perception that was off after all!

Anyway, this is a fun test. Go ahead and try it!

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  1. My eyes have gone funny! Very interesting. Will have to have another go now!!