Saturday, October 18, 2008

The (not so) secret life of squirrels

Our first assignment in Physio Psychology is to observe an animal for an hour and write about the behaviors seen during that time. I thought, cool, I'll just watch the squirrels! Do you know how boring squirrels are? As I look through all the photos I took, I can't help but be acutely aware of how much they look like their cousin, the rat.

This squirrel gets around. I see him all the time. He barked at me the whole time I was picking plumbs out back. He's pretty cocky with the cats, too. Unfortunately, for him, his offspring didn't fare so well with the cats this summer. It's just as well, the neighbor across the street raked up and disposed of all the walnuts that fell out of the trees. I don't think the guy knows that is what the squirrels survive on all winter!

Today, all this squirrel did was dig around in things and eat. His cheeks were all puffy from stuffing foot into them. He's a fat, nasty thing, isn't he?

I haven't named him. I can't think of an appropriate name for him. I'd name him dinner, but it's not likely to be true with him. He doesn't have a good enough personality to call him Rocky (as in Rocky and Bullwinkle), and I don't know how the neighbors would react if I walked out in the yard and called him Cocky! So I just won't call him anything.

Tiger wasn't a lot more interesting today. Lazy old cat. I couldn't even get him to look at me so I could take his picture. Snot!

TigerThe squirrels love the trees.  They are relatively safe up there.Squirrel looking at Tiger from atop the neighbor's stump Squirrels hop from one place to anotherThis squirrel found something yummy in the neighbor's flower bucket!Tiger stalks squirrels.  Sometimes it pays off, but not today.


  1. Heh. When the observed subject isn't exhibiting any new, observable behavior, it's time to inject some stimulus. ;)

  2. Great photos of squirrel without a name and your autistic cat!! :)