Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Refuge of Failure is Myth: The REAL Ronald Reagan | Addicting Info

I remember how things were at the end of the Reagan era. I remember the working class had nothing. I remember that if Reaganomics continued unchecked it would lead to a working class revolution. I remember that I voted to re-elect bush sr. just to help make sure that happened. The Clinlton presidency put enough salve on the wound to post-pone this working class revolution for a decade or so. ...But, the writing is on the wall. The working class is being reduced to a slave class - and they can't see it. Yet. The Occupy movements are groups of people testing the waters, finding out where the power is and who the armies of the rich are. It's coming folks, a working class revolution. I wonder if humanity will survive it? This article is a super good read that reminds us what Reaganomics were really about. The conservatives would like us to think that they are continuing the work of Reagan, but, those who remember know better. Well, except that the economy is sliding downhill so fast that there may be no real recovery from the past policies. Pay close attention to the graphs. They tell the story.


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