Friday, May 08, 2009

When Life moves on - with or with out you

Promises, promises.  Rainbow at Shoshone Falls.I don't think I have ever gone so long without posting to this blog. Life has been quite busy for me.

As I usually do, I took pictures of Shoshone Falls a couple of weeks ago when it was running a full head of water. We didn't get much snow this winter, but we got tons of rain. We are still getting rain! When that happens, the dams let more water out to prevent flooding, so more water rushes over the falls.Pelicans in flight at Snake River Canyon
Our illustrious (yeah right) parks and recreation director doesn't want a zip line or rock climbs in Shoshone Falls park because he doesn't want a circus atmosphere, but he makes sure to advertise when the falls are running at full force. It was such a madhouse down there that I actually ended up parking a half mile from the canyon and walking down to the falls. No circus atmostphere there that day! The park was so packed with people that it wasn't any fun. But, I took my pictures anyway.New rivers on Shoshone Falls
Megan moved to Merridian with her husband last week. That was really sad for me. A lot of people think I am being a baby crying about it as much as I have, but I feel like I lost my heart. It will be good for her, her husband will be making good money when he gets done with pharmacy school. Boise is big and busy, and there are lots of things to do there. I hope she doesn't fall in love with it too much - I really want her to come back. It's just hard for me.
My job seems to take a lot of my time, and I don't get paid for all of it. I only get paid for the billable hours I actually spend working with individuals and their supoorts. But it is definitely not boring. I guess I have to learn to take longer to say what I need to say. Instead of a 2 minute phone call, I need a 7 minute phone call, that way I can bill for it. I waste a lot of phone calls by not asking about how things are going. Actually, I only found out last week that I could bill individuals for phone calls. So I will definitly make more of it in the future. Kind of silly, isn't it. It only amounts to $3.75 a call, but that does add up.Last Year's Crop.  Dead wildflowers at Snake River Canyon.
I really love the variety of clients I have. I stated going into college that I wanted to work with developmentally disabled people and at risk teens, and victims of child abuse, and I get to that here. I also get to work wtih children who have been removed from negligent/addicted/incompetent parents too. I also get to work with some negligent/addicted/incompetent parents too. Eventually I will be working with people who have mental health issues such as schizzophrenia, schizo-affective distorder and other medicatable disorders that have issues with the law. I watched Frontline last week and that show was all about the people who have mental health issues that prevent them from being able to take care of themselves on there own. They keep ending up in jail because they don't take their medication, and can't find the help they need to make their lives work. I will be working with people to help them be successful outside of a prison cell or mental institution. Cool, huh? I think so. I am also getting in hours in drug groups so that I can start doing that too! I am learning a lot.Flooded Potholes on Shoshone Falls
The thing with my sister never went anywhere. She left the ball in my court and I think I may have lost it somewhere. I was never much of a ball player anyway. It really did boil down to the idea that I have always wished I could have a good relationship with my sister, just like I have always wished I could have a good relationship with my mother. It can't happen, though, and I am so much better off without it right now. I realize they boythwere terribly abused as children. Things weren't so great for me either. I just managed to put it behind me and not let it dictate how the rest of my life will go, and they didn't. I didn't break them, and I can't fix them. I still think she had some idea that the fact she was with Dale now gave her a leg up on me. Poor girl.My Deer Friends in Snake River Canyon.
I'm just about ready to start budgeting my money so that I am living like a normal person does. It's kind of fun to get these big paychecks. Well, big compared to what I got at the school district. Not only are they bigger each month, but I get them year round. Because I work year round.Between a rock and a hardplace.  Shoshone Falls.
So life went on, even if it didn't end up here until now. And now I have to go see Zach and find out how his meeting without me went today. He is upset with his service coordinator, so I need to help him find another. You see, the service coordinator is supposed to take my place in making sure he is recieving all the help he needs. She isn't doing that, so we need to find one who will.
And tomorrow, I will go to Merridian to see Megan - a big part of the life that went on without me.Above the Platform.  Onlookers gaze at Shoshone Falls.A mile Away.  Shoshone Falls from perch by Evil Knevil's jump sight.


  1. Mom! I think you should move here! I think you could easily get a job here! I just turned my application resume in at a developmental disability agency here on Tuesday and got a call to schedule an interview the next day. I am going in tomorrow morning for the interview! Your resume is way more impressive than mine! It's just something for you to think about!

  2. Hope you were able to help Zach.Such a shame he is being let down.

    Your job does sound so interesting - glad you found out you can charge for your phone calls.

    Hope Megans interview went well and your trip to see her. Must eb hard.