Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scrutator: Intentionality

So now I know my ultimate worth. I should have been a missing link like Lucy, then I would be worth so much people would fight over me. Oh well, I guess it's something.
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That is supposed to be funny, but it seems that I haven't even given myself that much value. That, however, is about to change!

The universe has colluded yet again to illustrate for me how my self concept and ideal self are indeed bifurcated. My dolorous disposition can only ameliorate with the acceptance of this abstruse verity. I have chosen to defeat the factious attitudes drowning me in stagnation. The jejune aspects of my personality will be replaced by an expanded persona that even I can venerate.

That’s right! I figured out why I continue to face depression. .I wrote that I isolate myself because I fear rejection. Perhaps the truth is I isolate myself because I am afraid to live my life. Rejection isn’t fun, but the only way it can hurt me is when it actually comes from me. What others think of me is not important. The only thing of importance is what I think of me. If there are aspects of myself that I am unhappy with, I have the power to change them. If I want to move forward and have a happy fulfilling life, I must take the initiative to do so. That is the task I have at hand. I must begin to live my life with intentionality.

It was James Thurber
US author, cartoonist, humorist, & satirist (1894 - 1961) who wrote
All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.
Such is my task


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