Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It Snowed All Friday Night and Saturday

Yes, it is October! Looks and feels more like December, though! I should have posted this Saturday, but I was lazy. I am actually having a stupid dumbhead week. I can't concentrate on anything. It took me four hours to type a two page paper for Theatre class. Four Hours! It never takes that long to write anything! Then I read the chapter for Physio Psyc and when I got there to take the quiz, it looked like greek! I did better than I should have, but could have done better if I hadn't tried to overthink one of the easy questions. Oh well, this will pass. Then I'll be cranky for a couple of weeks. Menopause sucks.

But these pictures are kind of cool.

Halloween Decorations in the snow

Precious was not impressed!

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  1. I really like those pictures, the weather on the other hand not so much. Luckily it only lasted over that weekend and the weather is closer to normal now! I can't remember another time when it snowed in October here.